Get your littlest students practicing public speaking, so when they're adults, it'll be as natural as breathing!


Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your Student involved in public speaking at a young age.

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Increase Confidence

Little victories are the key to growth in anything, and public speaking is no different.

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Improve reading & Writing

Oral communication has a natural connection to reading and writing. Your student will grow in all of them!

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Make friends

Students are encouraged to share loving, kind, and encouraging feedback with each other —  bonds are created as they grow in the trenches together.

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The meeting atmosphere is really laid back, but intentional in dedicating the time to our Heavenly Father.  Then, we shift into teaching the basics of presenting a thought.  Then, we practice, practice, practice!

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Get your Junior Student (<12 years old) started today and theyʻll stand on your shoulders!