About Us

HNL S+D exists to help equip Christian Students with skills in communication, logic and critical thinking in a manner that glorifies God — while demonstrating love, grace, and respect towards others.

Jesus Is Lord

We dedicate this activity to the Lord, and seek our Heavenly Father’s help to¬† grow us.

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Love One Another

We strive to create an environment of love, grace, kindness, and encouragement.

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Effective Communication

It’s never to early or late to get started growing your skills in communication!

Our Team

We are here to foster a safe environment for your student to grow their skills in communication, critical thinking, and logic — all from a heart of love, grace and encouragement.



Kyle & Kristi Murai

Paul & Sarah Greenlee


Mike & Maile higashi


Paul Greenlee


Maile higashi

Coach & NCFCA Regional Director

Mike higashi


Student Coaches

Adriel White

Gabriel White

Josh Higashi

Kristiana Shirk

Lorianna Herrmann

Linden Reeder

Zoe Greenlee

Our Gallery

Here are just a few of the pictures from our past 2021-2022 season.